About me

Hey, I'm Ola Khomenok, live in Israel, married and mom for 2 amazing kids Timour and Sonia.

I am a professional graphic designer, but after my son's birth I decided to stay at home with him. Actually he's the reason that I found my real vocation - scrapbooking and mixed media.

My first 4 years in scrap  were devoted to work for custom orders. In 2016 I made a great decision - start to create for my pleasure and my soul and teach other women in my country.

So now I teach a lot of workshops in my studio. In a fact every weekend I have at least two classes :). Teaching makes me happy. I really enjoy to see my students progressing.  This is also a great opportunity to meet interesting people.

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  1. Доброе утро! У нас уже 21 число!)) Поздравляю С Днем Рожденья!!!
    Пусть муза не проходит мимо,
    Резвится в творчестве твоем.
    Успехов путь необходимо,
    Тебе пройти достойно в нем.
    Желаю, чтоб удач лавины,
    Как вдохновение пришли.
    Крутые творчества вершины,
    Были для сердца и души.
    УРА! УРА!


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